It is our goal to help you save needless costs in your waste disposal bill by analyzing your services and producing the most cost-effective solutions. With our expertise and knowledge of the industry, you can be sure that you will receive the most effectual and concise disposal bill investigation on the market today.  

With so many companies striving to cut costs and save money, why not look into a service that you would perhaps not ordinarily think of?   Waste disposal is necessary. Everyone needs it. And there are many haulers out there who overcharge for this service. Want to find out if you've been overcharged? You should. Our service is FREE unless we produce results.

That's right -   you don't pay   unless we can save you money.      

In today's economic climate where every penny counts, turn to the leader in waste management to save dollars and help the environment.   No other industry offers what ICPS does - at no cost to you, we can quite possibly help you save hundreds of dollars.

Don't be afraid to save!

Our Results

Curious about how MUCH savings our clients actually see? Here is an example of only some of the cost savings we have helped our clients achieve. Would you like to save this kind of money, especially in these difficult economic times? It just takes a phone call to get you started to potentially big savings. You just never know what kind of hidden savings you could be missing.

Property Type
Identified Savings/Overcharges

Food Distribution Center

$25,000 + per year
Healthcare Facility
$10,000 + per year
Healthcare Facility
$22,000 + per year
Downtown office building
$11,000 + per year
Commercial Building
$6,000 refund
Apartment Building
$15,000 + per year
Grocery Store Chain
$25,000 + per year

Let ICPS find your hidden savings.

If we can't save your company money, you pay us nothing!
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