ICPS Business Solutions has become one of the nations leading cost recovery and reduction consulting firms specializing in risk-free financial services and expense reduction programs at no upfront cost. Our ever-growing portfolio of cost reduction strategies help America’s business and commercial property owners recover wasted capital expense and insurance overpayments, bringing lost revenue back in-house, and much more!  

Business owners, taxpayers and commercial property owners may be entitled to thousands, even hundreds of thousands in tax savings, tax credits and specialized business incentive programs through federal, state and local governments. ICPS Business Solutions offers a menu of specialized tax savings strategies and expense reduction services to generate and create immediate cash flow, long term and on-going credits and significant ROI!

ICPS Business Solutions is an independent, 3rd party firm that is committed exclusively on providing cost reduction solutions to businesses and commercial property owners. Since the majority of certified public accountants do not have the specific expertise required by the IRS, ICPS’s team of professionals is the "missing" engineering arm that work with your accountants and keep them in the loop throughout the entire process. We do not compete against your current CPA, financial advisor or insurance broker or firm. Instead we work with them and provide our client’s a very detailed, second look review that will highlight often missed areas that flat out could be costing you hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars each year! Our goal is to help business and property owners succeed in taking advantage of complicated tax strategies and expense reduction programs that they deserve.

ICPS Business Solutions brings to the table a very unique blend of tax, legal, real estate, insurance and engineering professionals - all under one roof. Our seasoned cost recovery team has hundreds of combined years of experience in helping client’s like you save hundreds of millions in over paying federal income tax, property tax & insurance premiums. Combined with a first-rate executive management team, the expertise and depth of services that comprise ICPS's group of risk-free cost-saving corporate resources is unparalleled.

Our mission as a company is to deliver the most beneficial cost recovery and reduction programs in the industry, while at the same time, greatly reduce taxable income, improve cash flow and ROI for all of our clients & alliance partners. More importantly, all of our work, calculations and methodologies will withstand IRS scrutiny and come with our unconditional and unlimited audit defense guarantee. In fact, we have saved our clients millions of dollars to date with zero disallowances.

We have saved our clients millions of dollars in niche government sponsored tax incentives and implementation of our cost reduction programs. On average, our clients receive approximately $224,000 in cash flow benefits. We guarantee drastic results or you owe us nothing. We’ll investigate, analyze, search for the best deals, and negotiate the refund of all your overpayments. And the best part is that it’s all risk-free to your company. With no upfront fees, retainers or binding contracts, ICPS clients receive the benefit of ongoing expense reduction opportunities and expert advice on streamlining expenditures and boosting profits in a number of key business categories.  

You may qualify for some or even all of our services.

We offer a "NO COST - NO OBLIGATION REVIEW" to see how much cash benefits could be available.


If we can't save your company money, you pay us nothing!
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