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How do I know if my company qualifies?

If your company pays $50,000 or more a year in Worker’s Compensation Insurance Premiums, you will want to take advantage of Blue Coast’s free audit of your current and back-dated Worker’s Compensation premiums, as performed by our expert analysts.

Give me the Facts:

ICPS Business Solutions routinely recovers worker’s compensation premium overpayments for our clients. Here’s why:

The frequent changes in the workers' compensation industry catch over 60% of U.S. companies unaware, resulting in needless overpayments and lost revenues. With its terrible tangled web of constantly changing bureau rules and regulations, along with insurance policies drafted with misapplied rates and classifications; only a small set of devoted specialists can keep up. Picture this: Government bureaucracy meets the over-inflated insurance industry. Do you see a train wreck?

According to the National Academy of Social Insurance in Washington D.C., employers’ costs for Workers Compensation rose 7% in 2004, to a record $87.4 billion!

When you work with ICPS our expert analysts will thoroughly review your company’s policies for errors past and present, using their 40-point checklist. If upon completing the analysis, we find there are funds due your company, we will negotiate with your insurance providers and recover the settlement. ICPS collects a commission only if we recover lost funds. There are no upfront fees involved.

What are the benefits of working with ICPS's risk-free service?

  • Get a FREE second opinion: there is no charge for performing the analysis.
  • We are an independent third party, receiving no compensation from insurance providers.
  • Our panel of expert auditors is considered tops in the field, with a track record of recovering millions for satisfied clients.
  • Get peace of mind: If your policies are in order, then rest assured you’ve had them verified for accuracy. If your policies contain errors, you can recover lost capital!

“We recovered $184, 526 for a small surgical goods manufacturer with under 100 employees. Because of a wrong code classification on their Worker’s Compensation insurance policy they overpaid for 3 years – but we got their money back! I love my job!”

- Kate S., Senior Auditor

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